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As the incidence of binge drinking amongst teenage boys and girls is approaching epidemic proportions. It is imperative that, we, as a community, do our utmost to support schools in delivering drug awareness.

Preventative education must be a preferred option for our pupils. Empowering young people with the ability to say "No" to home and peer pressure is not always easy to deliver in schools, either due to lack of resources or pupils being too young to take advantage of available literature. Many teachers are very aware of the importance and success of cognitive methodology in enabling social skills to develop in young people. This can often be best delivered through theatre companies working in partnership with the teaching profession.

The alcohol workshop is fifty minutes in length and consists of drama warm up games including usage of the “drunk and disorderly” alcohol goggles. A discussion section with a giant inflatable bottle is used as a reference to represent alcohol and units. Pupils devise short plays on alcohol and Forum Theatre is applied. Topics covered in the forum are alcohol and health issues, peer pressure and personal safety.

The binge drinking DVD and lesson plan compliment PSHE requirements.

The alcohol workshop is one hour in length, suitable for Year 6 and Key Stage 3 and can accommodate up to 60 children at a time.

Cost 120 per workshop for Year 7, 100 per workshop for Key Stage 2 plus travel if applicable.

“Drug Awareness – Lessons for Primary Schools”. This book suggests a minimum of three lessons per year group which will meet government guidelines on drug education and compliment the SEALS Strategy.

Cost £20.00 per copy.

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