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Antisocial Behaviour

“Turn Around Charlie” is an exciting and interactive play by The London Bus Theatre Company. The aim is to reduce antisocial behaviour amongst young people.
“Turn Around Charlie" starts with a gang of youths drinking and causing a general nuisance out on the streets. The gang drop litter, intimidate local residents and have a lack of respect for each other and the area they live. Peer pressure and antisocial behaviour soon becomes a crime and one youth gets caught on CCTV. As a consequence all the gang travel through the Criminal Justice System ranging from a caution to youth detention. The three characters eventually turn their lives around with a positive outcome. Group discussion looks at all the different forms of antisocial behaviour and why young people get involved. The workshop considers bullying, gang crime, theft, alcohol, graffiti, racial abuse, criminal damage, under achievement and peer pressure as well as information on the supportive agencies and how they deal positively with young people. In the final part of the workshop the audience interact with the workshop leaders through Forum Theatre.

“Turn Around Charlie” is a powerful, arresting and innovative production that cannot be missed. Sessions are one hour in length, suitable for Key Stages 3 and 4 and can accommodate one class or an entire year group. Price on application.









The DVD covers the different forms of antisocial behaviour, why young people get involved and what communities can do to prevent and report antisocial behaviour.

Cost £15.00 per copy.

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