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Key Stage 1

The Key Stage 1 Drugs and Medicines workshop includes drama games and Forum Theatre. Group discussion covers the role of medicines (both prescribed and over the counter) in promoting health and the reasons people use them. Where we might find unsafe substances, what to do in a dangerous situation, who can help. People who are involved with medicines, who we can trust to give us medicine. When and why we have injections, what to do if we find a needle on the ground. The chemicals found in cigarettes and people we can talk to about drugs and medicines.

The lesson plan compliment PSHE requirements.

The drugs and medicines workshop is fifty minutes in length, suitable for
Year 2 and can accommodate up to 60 children at a time.

Cost £100.00 per workshop plus travel if applicable.


“Drug Awareness – Lessons for Primary Schools”. This book suggests a minimum
of three lessons per year group which will meet government guidelines on
drug education and compliment the SEALS Strategy.

Cost £20.00 per copy.

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