Anti-vaping drama workshop

The London Bus Theatre Company offers drama workshops and DVDs to schools, colleges and youth organisations as part of their social studies programmes and PSHE requirements.

Under age vaping amongst teenagers is approaching epidemic proportions, schools welcome the chance for students to find the means to resist social trends simply by learning to be assertive.

The workshops enable this to happen by means of first taking the children through revolutionary games, and then allowing them to re-enact the subject matter in an immediate and interactive theatrical format. Forum Theatre, where the students provide all the action, is both exciting and devastatingly instructive.

The workshop considers: vaping and health issues, peer pressure and advertising.

The anti-vaping workshop is one hour in length, suitable for Years 5/6 and Key Stage 3/4 and can accommodate up to 60 children at a time.

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Get in touch with The London Bus Theatre Company for further information on our bulling workshops for your school or college.

Costs are £130 per workshop plus travel if applicable.

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Our anti-bullying DVD and bullying lesson plan compliment PSHE requirements.

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