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The London Bus Theatre Company offers drama workshops and DVDs to schools, colleges and youth organisations as part of their social studies programmes and PSHE requirements.

Get help with bullying, from one of the most respected Theatre in Education companies in the United Kingdom

Bullying in all its forms can spread through peer groups insidiously, even driving some children to attempt to take their own lives.

Our bullying drama workshop initially takes the students through revelatory drama games, group discussion on the different forms of bullying and then finally finds solutions to the issues presented with the aid of Forum Theatre.

The workshop considers many issues including racism, cyberbullying, exclusion, why people bully and where and how children can get help if being bullied.

Bristol Old Vic trained workshop leaders ensure that the whole experience is both exciting and devastatingly instructive, offering sound advice gathered from years of experience. Many schools have reported a reduction in bullying after the workshops.

The bullying workshop is one hour in length, suitable for Key Stages 2 and Year 7 and can accommodate up to 60 children at a time.

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Get in touch with The London Bus Theatre Company for further information on our bulling workshops for your school or college.

Costs are £130 per workshop plus travel if applicable.

Our bullying books & DVD’s

Our anti-bullying DVD and bullying lesson plan compliment PSHE requirements.

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