A short, sharp DVD that hits the mark of promoting the benefits of healthy eating. Based around the theme of soccer techniques this DVD delivers a powerful anti junk food message for both boys and girls. The DVD covers topics such as what junk food means, why it is bad for our bodies, healthier options and a fun game show “Fruit Machine”….. can you guess the answer?

The DVD could be effectively used in class assemblies or as part of a PSHE programme. A worksheet accompanies the DVD to facilitate follow up work and curriculum links.

The DVD has been developed by The London Bus Theatre Company who have enthralled millions of pupils with their innovative workshops and complements the celebrated “Kick It” – Bullying, “Kick It” Smoking and “Kick It” Binge Drinking series.

Running time 9 mins

DVDs cost £15+VAT each including postage.

Orders should be sent to:
The London Bus Theatre Company
David’s House
Chapel Amble
Cornwall PL27 6EU

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